Malvern Woman Whose Skincare Products Made Her a Multimillionaire Has Died

Image via QVC.
Tova Borgnine.

Malvern resident Tova Borgnine, a Norwegian-born cosmetics maven and former QVC star, has died at 80, writes Penelope Green for The New York Times.

In addition to the fame she acquired for selling skincare products that made her a multimillionaire, she was also known as the fifth wife of actor Ernest Borgnine. 

When she was introduced to her future husband in 1971, Borgnine ran a makeup boutique that catered to Las Vegas showgirls. Their relationship began cautiously, as the two of them had multiple failed marriages behind them. However, there was no denying the connection, and they married in 1973.

In her book, Being Married Happily Forever: 22 Secrets, 12 Strategies, and 8 Compromises, Borgnine attributed the success of their marriage in part to them having separate successful careers. 

With her husband acting often, she became a serial beauty entrepreneur. She was one of the early QVC stars, having joined in 1991.

She sold her beauty line and perfume there for the next three decades. Later, she also added jewelry. Her pre-pandemic annual sales were between $15 million and $20 million. 

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