Owner of Phoenixville’s Bluebird Distilling Crosses County Lines to Open ‘Coffee Shop by Day, Cocktail Bar by Night’

Char & Stave coffee
Image via Char & Stave.

Char & Stave, a new café from Jared Adkins, the owner of Phoenixville’s Bluebird Distilling, will open next week in Ardmore, writes Laura Smythe for The Philadelphia Business Journal

With help from head distiller Scott Gilbert, coffee created for Char & Stave’s menu has a similar roasting process to whiskey aging at Bluebird Distilling.

Applying knowledge of his distilling methods, Adkins uses the same barrels from Bluebird’s famous Four Grain Bourbon to age the coffee beans for one to six months.

Notably, this incorporates the flavors of the whiskey into the coffee, which include vanilla, toffee, and cedar. 

“We are able to dial in our roasting to our exact diameters, meaning we have the ability to draw different, specific flavors out of beans,” Adkins said.

Some coffee blends will include: 

  • Workout Fuel: a high-caffeine medium roast 
  • Dark Voodoo: whole-bean dark roast with hints of chocolate and molasses 
  • Bluebird Morning: light roast with honey and citrus flavors 

Adkins plans to expand the café into multiple locations throughout Greater Philadelphia. 

Moreover, Char & Stave will become a cocktail bar during the evening, serving coffee-themed drinks for all to enjoy. 

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