Neighbors Continue to Sow Seeds of Discontent in Malvern Couple’s Wildflower Farm

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Image via Wildflower Farm.

When Ryan and Lori Heenan bought a property on Castlebar Lane in Malvern seven years ago, they had no idea how controversial it would soon become. Davis Giangiulio dug up the particulars for Main Line Tonight.

The couple brought a dilapidated barn on the property back into shape and began holding family events there, including their wedding.

In January 2021, they then began transforming some of the landscape into a commercial flower farm. And that’s where their idyllic plans garnered some weeds.

Neighbors called Willistown Township with complaints that the property was being turned into a wedding venue, an assertion that was untrue.

But objections continued. Local residents then mounted a township campaign to block any business plan from the Heenans, owing to its exceeding the allowed commercial “accessory use” provisions.

The Heenans have now managed to settle with the township. But the neighbors remain firm. They are now suing the couple and the township.

While exhausted from the ordeal, Ryan hopes their case will help others.

“If nothing else, it’s our hope that this will help pave the way for other small farms to operate without harassment in the future,” he said.

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