Chester County Planning Commission Releases Report on County’s Economy

economy report

The Chester County Planning Commission recently completed an Economy Report providing local data that can be used to guide economic planning and future growth for the county. The data in the report highlights the county’s economic strengths and weaknesses, helping to guide recommendations and implementation of the county’s comprehensive plan, Landscapes3.

With COVID-19 still a major concern, the county and the entire nation continue to face unprecedented times. However, with the availability of the vaccine in 2021, many businesses were able to re-open and recover some of their losses from the previous year. In fact, while unemployment reached a high of 11.6 percent in April of 2021, the rate has since decreased significantly.

The report is divided into six chapters that describe the county economy:

  1. Resident Characteristics
  2. Employment Characteristics
  3. Business Characteristics
  4. Gross Domestic Product
  5. Key Industrial Groups
  6. Real Estate Characteristics

Comparisons at the local, regional, and national levels can provide valuable insight into the county’s unique strengths and challenges. For this reason, data was collected and analyzed for both local counties located in southeastern Pennsylvania, as well as counties located outside major northeastern cities with similar attributes to Chester County. The Planning Commission plans to provide updated economic data on an annual basis.

The 2021 Economy Report was prepared by the Chester County Planning Commission, with assistance from the Chester County Economic Development Council.

Analysis of key trends and what it means for the future of Chester County’s economy will be presented by the Chester County Economic Development Council and Chester County Planning Commission at a Breakfast Briefing on Friday Feb. 25 at the CCEDC’s headquarters in Exton. More information is at

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