After Its Beginnings in Berwyn, Mingle Mocktails Is Now Shaking (and Stirring) National Beverage Markets

woman holding a drink
Image via Mingle Mocktails.
Laura Taylor.

Berwyn resident Laura Taylor started making mocktails five years ago after she stopped drinking alcohol. Her decision to live as a teetotaler led to the realization that a market exists for healthier nonalcoholic beverages than those available at the time. Lisa Dukart, for The Philadelphia Business Journal, covered how that idea, embodied by her business Mingle Mocktails, has evolved.

At the onset of this business idea, Taylor was working as an executive in the software industry. She spent her free time fleshing out her notion of a cocktail with all the flavor of an alcohol-based drink, without the spirits she sought to avoid.

She tested recipes on a small and trusted group of friends. The reactions were positive, and she even received an offer for financial backing to move forward.

By 2019, she was ready to quit her job and embrace her Mingle Mocktails full time.

Today, the drinks are available in more than 1,500 stores nationwide and in Italy, Spain, and Trinidad. They can be found in select outposts of several retail giants such as Whole Foods Market, Wegmans, and Acme.

Now, Taylor is looking to grow her business further.

“I’m seeking investors to help me grow,” she said. “That’s a priority right now, actually, because one thing I need to do is hire more salespeople.”

Read more about Mingle Mocktails in The Philadelphia Business Journal.

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