Career Corner: Best jobs for 2022? Think Communications, Healthcare, and Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Screens
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The demands of the job market are always changing, but the conditions of the last few years have accelerated that change.

The pandemic and increased reliance on digital tools has changed what jobs are coveted. Courtesy of CBS, here are some of the most in-demand jobs for 2022:

Speech-Language Pathologist

These individuals are trained with the medical expertise to help everyone from stroke victims who have lost the ability to talk, to children who were born non-verbal.


One thing Covid and the economy have not changed is the importance of having somebody who knows the law on your side when dealing with legal matters.


A statistician can be useful for businesses ranging from medicine, the government, or even the environment, developing models to analyze their data to make big decisions.

Financial Manager

It is little surprise that with the economic upheaval of the last few years that financial managers would be more in demand than ever to assist with asset planning.

Data Scientist

This role oftentimes works for companies to help analyze large swaths of information to interpret patterns and actions that can be taken based on those findings.

Software Developer

With Covid driving everyone towards virtual interaction, it is only natural that new software would be needed to support this shift.

Medical and Health Services Manager

This position works in the medical field but from a business perspective. If the administrative side of healthcare interests you, there is demand for this role.

Physician Assistant

This role is often held by people in the middle of their medical career and helps with diagnoses, prescriptions, and other services a patient needs when first coming to a doctor.

Nurse Practitioner

As has been well-documented, Covid has caused many hospitals to experience overcrowding, making nurses of all sorts more valuable.

Information Security Analyst

The most in-demand job for 2022 is protecting people’s multitude of digital devices against cybersecurity threats and safeguarding personal information online.

Even though it is still early in the year, the conditions of the last few years look poised to stick around for a while yet, making these careers look like a safe bet for the future.

To see the full list of strong jobs for 2022, read the article from CBS by clicking here.


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