New Pizza Shop in West Chester Carries a Bit of a Mystique. Here’s Why

new pizzeria
Image via Michael Klein, Philadelphia Inquirer.
Speer Madanat.

Pizza West Chester, a new addition to the local dining scene, is the very embodiment of the business advice to “stay in your lane.” In its case, that “lane” is two varieties of delicious pizza. And nothing more. Michael Klein profiled this laser-focused shop for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The pizzeria is owned by Speer Madanat and his brother, Joe. The Coatesville natives also run Joey’s Pizza in Thorndale. They opened the West Chester site in October.

Their minimalist approach means the location has no phone, website, or app. Its only Internet presence is an Instagram account. It is available only for walk-ins and only takes payments in cash.

And the menu has only two items: plain pizza and pepperoni pizza.

No peppers. No onions. No olives. No sausage. And certainly no pineapple.

What they sell, they craft carefully. The ingredients they use — as simple as they are — are top-notch. And according to Madanat, the 16-inch pies have the thinnest bottom crust and the crispiest outer crust available anywhere. Furthermore, they’re expertly cooked, not being pulled from the oven until they sport a distinct and delicious char.

Meanwhile, the counter setup allows customers to get a good view of the process.

“They get to see their pizza being made through clear (oven) doors,” said Madanat.

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