Landenberg Man Shoulders on, Refuses to Let Debilitating Disease Darken His Outlook

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Image via Amelia Hamilton.
The Bacot family.

Despite being diagnosed with a debilitating disease at a young age, Landenberg native Mitchell Bacot found the strength in himself and his faith to build a fulfilling life, writes Richard Gaw for the Chester County Press.

Bacot was attending Avon Grove Middle School in 1994 when he discovered he had Neurofibromatosis type 2. This rare genetic condition causes symptoms that include hearing loss and development of certain types of tumors in the brain and spine.

By the time he graduated from Avon Grove High School, Bacot had lost his ability to hear almost completely.

He enrolled at Gallaudet University, where he met and married his wife, Jenamarie.

Despite his worsening condition, Bacot fathered six children, worked full time, and still found the resources to involve himself in his church community.

His health, however, continued to decline. By January 2021, his independence was taken from him.

In the past 10 months, he restructured his life to adapt to a motorized wheelchair.

Still, he remains resilient.

“Mitchell walks through his storms very calmly,” Jenamarie said.

A friend of the couple started a GoFundMe campaign to help the family with extra expenses.

Read more about Mitchell Bacot in the Chester County Press.

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