What Does the Future Hold for Crebilly Farm? Property Owner Engages Nonprofit with Eye Toward Preservation

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Image via Pete Bannan, MediaNews Group.

Natural Lands, the land conservation nonprofit, strongly intends to help preserve the historic 322 acres of Crebilly Farm in Westtown Township, writes Bill Rettew for the Daily Local News.

The Robinson family, the property owner of Crebilly, recently reached out to Natural Lands for help, hoping that its land might be preserved. Discussions began after the Robinsons ended a contingency sale agreement with Toll Brothers.

It’s believed that Revolutionary War troops crossed the property during the Battle of Brandywine in 1777, hence why many oppose its development.

Jack Stefferud of Natural Lands is confident Crebilly can be preserved.

“I do not work on projects that I don’t feel will be ultimately successful,” Stefferud said. “Is there a conservation option possible? We believe there is.”

After many long court rulings and votes, Natural Lands recently obtained approval to apply for federal, state, and county funding on behalf of the township to preserve the plot.

“We know that there is a very compelling case for preservation of this property, and we know that there is a tremendous amount of community and public support for doing so,” said Oliver Bass, President of Natural Lands. “It’s a complex process and will take time, but we’re committed to doing everything we possibly can to have success here.

Read more about Crebilly Farm in the Daily Local News.

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