Chester County Home to One of the Highest-Earning ‘Cities’ in Pennsylvania

highest paying cities
Image via Unsplash.

Stacker has compiled a list of the highest-earning “cities” in Pennsylvania using data on education, geography, gender, and other factors from the U.S. Census Bureau.

“Cities” must have at least 3,000 households, and towns are rated by the 2019 estimate of median household income.

Phoenixville placed 13th on the list with a median household income of $73,004, which is 16.2 percent above the national median.

Almost one-third (32.8 percent) of Phoenixville households earn more than $100,000, while just 10.2 percent of households earn less than $15,000.

At No. 4, Conshohocken is the only “city” in southeastern Pennsylvania to rank among the Top 5, which consists of Franklin Park, Murrysville, Jefferson Hills, and Camp Hill.

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