Spinoff of Exton’s AGI Advances the Metaverse, Providing VR Tech with Potential Far Beyond Gaming

Cesium CEO Patrick Cozzi.

Cesium, a spinoff of Exton-based Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI), is deeply involved in building the metaverse, the immersive digital world that is increasingly becoming the focus of software and social media companies such as Facebook. Christian Hetrick reported the corporate emergence for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Cesium, which provides a platform for its clients to create applications using three-dimensional location data, also advocates strongly for ensuring that the metaverse remains open and interoperable. It sees that flexibility as being important for user needs to transfer data from one metaverse to another.

The company’s CEO, Patrick Cozzi, describes metaverse as “a future Internet that is 3D immersive.” While today we see “Internet with text, images, audio, video,” the next type of media is “full, immersive 3D,” where “instead of being on this video chat, we may be immersed as if we’re in the same location and able to interact.”

Cesium now has about 40 employees and clients in the energy, defense, and real estate industries.

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