New York Times Chronicles Self-Uniting Ceremony of Paoli Native and Her College Sweetheart

couple under a tree
Image via Matt Stallone Photography.
Ashley Chiang and Dr. Roy Xiao.

Ashley Chiang, a Paoli native and Conestoga High School graduate, recently married her college sweetheart Dr. Roy Xiao at her childhood home. Nina Reyes reported on the self-uniting ceremony for The New York Times.

Chiang and Xiao met on the first day of freshmen orientation at Princeton in 2010. Their relationship took off the following year, when they were both sophomores.

Chiang needed help in organic chemistry, and Xiao was happy to tutor. As they spent more time together, they discovered numerous commonalities, including a love of food.

The pair started dating soon after, and have been together ever since.

While they had a lot in common, some of their differences were eye-opening for Chiang. She was planning to go to medical school after college. But after seeing Xiao’s passion for medicine, it made her realize she did not feel the same way about the profession. She decided to change course and received her MBA and law degree from Yale.

The two celebrated their love first in a self-uniting ceremony in Paoli. The next day, they held a public outdoor ceremony in Tarrytown, N.Y., with about 85 vaccinated guests.

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