Athletes, Trainers Praise Judgment in Favor of Local Sportswear Manufacturer Suing Nike

Lontex garments PI
Image via Thomas Hengge, Philadelphia Inquirer.
Efraim Nathan.

Professional athletes and trainers are praising the recent landmark judgment against Nike over Cool Compression clothing, writes Ed Mahon for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Efraim Nathan, the owner of Lontex, the Norristown sports apparel maker, says he received great support from professional athletes and their trainers after the court awarded him $507,000, plus an as-yet-undetermined amount of damages against Nike for trademark infringement.

“NFL, NHL, all the major league baseball teams, NBA, every athletic trainer knows them,” he said.

This sentiment was echoed during the case, as many athletic trainers showed up to offer their support for Nathan’s Cool Compression brand of clothing.

Chris Peduzzi, retired head athletic trainer for the Philadelphia Eagles, gave testimony in the case, saying that his players were longtime fans of Nathan’s Cool Compression gear. “I had my players consistently use Lontex Sweat It Out products because he had “observed it to be very effective at rehabilitation, exercise, and recovery.”

The sentiment was echoed by Brian Ball, head trainer for the Chicago White Sox, who said, “It stretched differently from other products and, among players, had a reputation for actually working.”

In fact, according to Ben Schwartz, one of Nathan’s lawyers, professional sports trainers were instrumental in the case.

Read more about Lontex’s landmark win in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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