Owner of Norristown’s SWEAT IT OUT Takes Nike to Court Over Trademark Infringement – and Wins

Efraim Nathan sweat it out NBC 10 phil 2021
Image via NBC10 Philadelphia.
Efraim Nathan, owner of SWEAT IT OUT in Norristown, demonstrating the stretch of his garments.

Efraim Nathan, owner of SWEAT IT OUT in Norristown, took sneaker giant Nike to federal court over trademark infringement and came out victorious, reports NBC10 Philadelphia.

The Wynnewood resident has been making sports garments with Cool Compression technology for decades. The technology is trademarked to Nathan and his small business.

Over the years, the small business owner built his customer base to include pro sports organizations, college teams, and even Eagles quarterback, Randall Cunningham.

“Our mission is to make people feel great,” said Efraim Nathan.

This success is an incredible feat, as Nathan was once an immigrant from Israel with just $50 in his pocket. But over the years, he started his business, got married, raised a family, and achieved his American dream.

A dream at least until Efraim Nathan learned that Nike was using his trademark term Cool Compression to sell some of its gear.

His sales started to drop as a result, and he decided to sue Nike.

The jury sided with him and awarded him royalties and punitive damages of $500,000. He could now also receive a portion of Nike’s profits from garments that were sold under the trademark.

Watch the entire segment with Efraim Nathan at NBC10 Philadelphia.


SWEAT IT OUT’s Cool Compression apparel.

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