New York Times: As Coronavirus Resurges Chester County Continues to Present ‘Very High Risk’ for Unvaccinated

vaccine vials
Image via Daniel Schludi at Unsplash.
Chester County COVID-19 hospitalizations are about the same as last week, but death rates have pushed upward.

Coronavirus is resurging once again in Pennsylvania, pushing the number of confirmed cases in Chester County up and keeping it at a very high level, according to The New York Times.

Last week, there was an average of 113 new daily cases reported in the county, which is a 20 percent increase compared with the two weeks prior. Since the start of the pandemic, at least 1 in 10 residents has been infected by COVID-19, totaling 52,226 reported cases.

The number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 has remained about the same level in the Chester County area in the past two weeks. Deaths unfortunately increased, with 17 new fatalities over the same period.

These developments mean that Chester County remains at very-high risk for unvaccinated people.

Meanwhile, on a positive note, the number of fully vaccinated people in the county also continues to increase and is now at 62 percent. This includes 72 percent of fully vaccinated residents aged 12 and up and 90 percent of fully vaccinated people aged 65 and up.

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