Wall Street Journal: Not Everybody Is Happy About the Way the War on the Spotted Lanternfly is Being Waged

Spotted Lanternfly with its wings spread
Image via ISA Ontario.

While many are happy to land a hand in the all-out war against the spotted lanternfly, there are those who have joined the efforts but are not thrilled about the measures used to curtail this invasive pest, writes Annmarie Fertoli for The Wall Street Journal.

“I wish there was something other than like that murderous rage of squashing them that we could do,” said Jerome Eno, a Philadelphia photographer.

Eno has been following orders to kill the insect, but through his encounters with spotted lanternflies, he has learned to appreciate their unique beauty.

Meanwhile, Kate Shapero, a science teacher at the Miquon School in Conshohocken, posted a lesson online about questions kids may be having amid the directive to kill the bug.

She was prompted to do so when she noticed that some of the students were getting too much into the showmanship of eliminating the insect.

“If we’re doing something because we think it’s important, we might do it in a very different way than we do it if we’re doing it to put on a show,” she said.

Read more about the spotted lanternfly battle in The Wall Street Journal.

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