Supermarket Sticker Shock: Supply-Chain Shortages Cause Price Spikes in Chester County

supermarket meat counter
Image via Creative Commons.
Supply-chain slowdowns have had a particularly negative effect on meat prices.

Supply-chain shortages are causing prices at grocery stores to increase in Chester County and nationwide, especially for meats. Jen Samuel covered the budgetary impact for the Daily Local News.

The cost of food bought to eat at home is now at its most expensive level in 46 years.

Current meat prices are expected to remain high as slaughterhouses struggle to keep production levels up while implementing procedures to keep employees healthy.

Jim Petro III, vice president of Triple Fresh Market in East Fallowfield Township, noticed that many suppliers are discontinuing some products altogether. But he believes the situation to be a temporary constriction.

“Eventually life will return to some kind of normal,” Petro said. “We don’t know what that normal is going to look like. Nobody does. But we will. We’ll stabilize.”

For now, product unavailability is also raising prices at restaurants.

According to Dan Knabb, co-owner of Be Here Brewing in Avondale, kids’ cups and ready-to-be-made potato chips became unavailable two months ago.

“The alternative is we have to buy bags of chips, and that is 10 times more expensive,” said Knabb.

Read more about the effect of supply-chain shortages on prices in the Daily Local News.

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