Career Corner: Hints for Finding a Family-Friendly Workplace From The Wall Street Journal

Dad and his young son outside a playground.

When considering jobs in your field some of the most common considerations for accepting an offer will be the salary and the location. But for parents, there is also the added factor of determining whether the job will allow you the flexibility to be there for your kids. Unfortunately, that is one job aspect that applications don’t typically mention.

The Wall Street Journal had a recent article on the subject, discussing the difficulty parents have when this crucial detail is frequently hidden until the interview. Even then, it probably will fall on you to broach the subject in the interview to get the interviewer to speak on things like the duration of parental leave.

To get a fuller picture of the information you want, it might be the case that you have to do some of your own research. This could mean scanning through the company’s website to look for any statements about their employment policies or benefits. Unfortunately, not all businesses will disclose those details publicly.

Another option to consider is to consult with former employees of that company for more information. This step could be good regardless because even if the company tells you one thing, what they do might not align with that statement. So you could reach out to a former employee on LinkedIn to inquire about such matters and see if they have any insight for you.

You also want to be stay alert for clues that could indirectly inform you. For instance, if the application talks about a willingness to go above and beyond for the company and how that could include late nights or weekend work, that is an indicator that they expect your position with them to take priority.

The takeaway is that you need to be prepared to do some extra searching on your own to get answers. Just like the company is probably searching your background, you should be searching theirs to get a more objective picture of what they stand for.

For further tips on how to find a job that will take your family into consideration, read the Wall Street Journal piece here.


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