Phoenixville Area School District Unleashes Long Arm of the Law on Drivers Who Ignore Stop Signs on Buses


It’s a common commuter sight this time of year: While in traffic behind a school bus, the cheery, yellow vehicle stops, and its automated stop sign eases out from the left, warning drivers to halt.

But impatience with that delay causes some careless people to circumvent these stop-arm signs and go around anyway. In the Phoenixville Area School District, that move will soon be costly. CBS Philly got onboard with the story.

The school district is installing stop-arm safety cameras on its entire fleet of buses. These cameras will automatically activate when a vehicle passes a bus with its stop arm extended.

Drivers caught on camera will be sent a ticket for $300.

According to the local police, the cameras are not a money grab. The main goal is to keep students safe as they get on and off the school bus.

Read more about the stop-arm signs on school buses in Phoenixville at CBS Philly.

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