Career Corner: Preparation is the Key to Acing Your Next Job Interview

Man interviewing for a job.

While being invited to interview for a new job is initially exciting, it can quickly become a source of anxiety. Knowing how much hinges on that one conversation can really throw you off.

You need to prepare if you want to do well, but maybe you don’t know to get ready. You may already be using Indeed to search for jobs, but they also have valuable advice about how to land a new job you can use. Here is some of their guidance for how to prepare for an interview.

To start off, you definitely want to do your research. This means in terms of making sure you understand all the responsibilities of the position you applied for, but also what the company as a whole is like.

This will help you not only gain a better understanding of whether this is a place you want to work, but also stay calmer as you are able to answer questions about why you were interested in the company.

You also want to prepare for the more general questions that may arise. Everyone has heard some variation on “where do you see yourself in five years” and some people get thrown off by it.

Practicing your responses to these types of common questions will help you with answers that you can use not just for this interview, but others if this one doesn’t work out.

Body language also says a lot about you. While speaking you may have physical habits you aren’t even aware of. It could be helpful to record yourself while answering interview questions from a script to see if you are avoiding eye contact, beginning to mumble, or other traits that can be off-putting.

An interview isn’t just about having the credentials. Who you are as a person and how you present yourself are also vital. Make sure you are making the best impression.

If you want to learn more ways that Indeed recommends for preparing for an interview, read their post about it here.


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