Moe’s Tavern of ‘The Simpsons’ Fame Pops Up — Where Else? — in Springfield

The sign for Moe's Tavern from 'The Simpsons'
Image via Creative Commons.

Springfield Mall shoppers were greeted this week by Marge Simpson outside the entrance to a pop-up Moe’s Tavern, writes Peg DeGrassa for the Daily Times.

The temporary bar opened last Friday on the upper level of the mall. It’s staying there until Sept. 26.

Inside, customers experience what it feels like to be in the iconic bar from The Simpsons, which is set in a town named Springfield.

Moe’s Tavern was created by Joe McCullough at JMC Pop Ups LLC and is strictly a fan-based experience.

The tavern features Duff D’oh! Beer brewed by Evil Genius Beer, a pool table, a Love Tester, a mock-up of Homer’s “office,” and a Simpsons-themed menu.

Shelly Rollins of Wilmington, Del., came in honor of her late father, Sheldon, who died in December.

“My dad and I watched The Simpsons on TV since I was in diapers,” Rollins said. “It was ‘our’ show, one that we’d always laugh at and watch together, so I’m having a sentimental experience here. He would have loved coming to Moe’s. I’m here in his honor!”

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Take a look inside Moe’s Tavern at the Springfield Mall.