This Chester County Community Has Just Been Named the Best Philly Suburb for Families

Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens
Image via Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens.
Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens is one of the many perks of living in Devon.

While Philadelphia has a lot to offer to those planning to move to the metro area, its suburbs have distinct advantages. And who would be better qualified to recognize these pluses than a mover who routinely transports people there? Patrick McNichol, for moving company Suburban Solutions, surveyed the Philadelphia landscape and recommended one Chester County community in particular: Devon.

McNichol positions Devon as an ideal Philadelphia suburb, especially for families.

This beautiful and quiet suburb boasts some of the top-rated schools in Pennsylvania. It is also among the most affluent neighborhoods in the metro area. The median household income is $183,000, with a median home price of $558,000.

It is one of the smaller suburbs, with a population of just 1,500. Despite its size, it has produced some notable figures throughout history.

The town constantly introduces new amenities in some of its hottest neighborhoods, including Sugartown, Waterloo, and Brownstones. This includes luxury townhome developments and a new senior living facility, as well as a movie theater and a pub.

There are also many outdoor activities available such as Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens and James C. Dittmar Park.

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