Art, Entertainment, Music, and More: Coatesville Black Media Renaissance to Host Showcase Event on Sunday

brandywine health foundation
Image via the Coatesville Black Media Renaissance.

To portray the power of community and represent Coatesville’s past and hope for the future, the Coatesville Black Media Renaissance (CBMR) will host a Showcase Event on Sunday, Sept. 26 from 2-6 PM at the city’s Brandywine Riverwalk.

Created by 10 local artists from the City of Coatesville, as well as the Brandywine Health Foundation, with funding from the Independence Public Media Foundation, CBMR is utilizing artistic mediums involving film, creation, writing, photography, and design to magnify voices in the community.

These instruments also offer anecdotes of resilience and aspiration and encourage Coatesville artists to influence the community narrative, as well as present a platform for residents to impact public policies shaping long-term solutions/opportunities.

The Coatesville Showcase Event will feature:

  • a pop-up art gallery
  • spoken word and artistic performances by Heather Myers
  • video presentations on the upcoming Coatesville Youth Voices Project
  • a short film produced by Shanina Dionna
  • Coatesville Mental Health Panelist highlights
  • Big Boys BBQ
  • Prince Morton Funnel Cake
  • music by DJ Dre Money

Register for this free event.