With an Assist from QVC, Local Dermatologist’s Sun-Protective Clothing Line Shines

woman in front of rack of clothes
Image via AmberNoon.
Dr. Erum Ilyas, creator of AmberNoon, a line of clothing with sun protection in its weave.

Erum Ilyas, a local dermatologist, is growing her sun-protective clothing line, AmberNoon, by leveraging the marketing oomph of West Chester-based QVC. Lisa Dukart shined a light on the details for The Philadelphia Business Journal.

Ilyas began her company, Wayne-based AmberNoon, after she learned that certain textile weaves shield UV rays. She officially launched a protective but fashionable line in August 2017, highlighting its UPF 50 protection capability.

Her company took off with the help of QVC, which enlisted her to sell an exclusive line.

She is currently wrapping up her second season with the network, where she sells articles branded as AmberNoon II by Dr. Erum Ilyas. The doctor and the television executives are preparing a third season.

Her QVC line, which started with around a dozen items, has now tripled to roughly 33 styles.

“Next year, we’re expanding it even further,” she said.

Ilyas has also expanded her original line from around 13 styles in the first year to more than 60 today.

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