Local Band Praises 7-Eleven Nachos in Song, Which the Convenience Store’s HQ Then Takes to the Next Level

Image via Froggy.
Froggy, the "Riot Grrl Band" from Doylestown.

The three members of Froggy, a self-identified “Riot Grrl Band” from Doylestown, immortalized their love of 7-Eleven nachos in a song.

Yes, you could say, a rather cheesy song.

They shot a video of it at their neighborhood 7-Eleven in Doylestown. And, like most bands do, they uploaded it to Instagram.

In an act more born of bravado than business sense, they contacted the corporate offices of the convenience store and shared their work. The musicians hoped that, somehow, the brand would support the artistic effort.

And rather than just giving it a cursory “like” and moving on, 7-Eleven leaders embraced it wholly.

They gathered the girls at the same 7-Eleven that served as the original backdrop for the song and organized a high-quality, high-profile, (high-cost) video retake.

They then dropped it across their social media channels: Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok.

“Froggy’s song is over-the-top enthusiastic about their love for 7-Eleven nachos,” said Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Marissa Jarratt. “It perfectly personifies our ‘Take it to Eleven’ campaign that celebrates the wild ways our customers make us a part of their daily lives.”

“The song started for fun when we went to 7-Eleven one day to get nachos,” said Brooke, Froggy bass player and songwriter. “It’s so cool to see that the brand actually loved it and wanted to film a professional video with us in our hometown.”

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