Wiser Wealth: Tax Breaks, High Returns Are Why You Should Consider Oil and Gas Investments

Oil Refinery at Night

As your income grows, it is only natural that your investment opportunities will begin to expand. There are some areas that are only going to open up to you once your value hits a certain threshold, and oil investments are one of them.

You might figure you have gotten along fine with your investments so far, so why try something new now? Courtesy of OILMAN Magazine, there are a number of ways that investing in oil can be more lucrative and appealing for you.

For one, the high returns you can get on oil investments are hard to compete with. You have to put a lot in, but you can likewise get a lot back out. Just be aware that that also means the risks of the investment will also be a bit more precarious.

Additionally, the tax breaks for oil investments can be incredible. The government incentivizes oil production since it means more usable energy for the country. So the result is tax breaks as high as 80% on your investment, which is almost unparalleled. That means if concerns about how much of your assets you will get to keep after taxes make you hesitate, this is definitely an option you want to consider.

Fred Hubler Chief Wealth Strategist at Creative Capital Wealth Management Group user Oil/Gas programs to help lessen the taxable income for their high-income earners. According to Hubler, “if you are a highly paid executive, you don’t have all the options that a business owner has to lower your taxable income. We’ve been using vetted oil/gas programs to reduce current years income (and the income tax) as well as create a passive income stream.”

“This helps our clients,” Hubler continues, “move out of the rat race and possibly retire earlier than previously thought. In addition, it allows us to invest in something different than the public stock and bond market which is at or near all-time highs.”

These are not even the only reasons you should be looking into oil and gas investment, but they are undeniably a good starting point. If what you are hearing intrigues you, you should absolutely investigate further about whether this is a good option for you.

If you want to learn more about how investing in oil could be beneficial to you financially, read the article from OILMAN Magazine here.


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