Career Corner: Do This One Thing to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Woman feeling anxious

Have you ever felt like you can never really enjoy your moments of triumph because you are always waiting for the other shoe to drop? This could be related to what many people deal with known as impostor syndrome.

Impostor syndrome is a feeling where despite whatever success or accomplishments you achieve, you wind up feeling like you haven’t really earned it and it could fall apart at any moment.

By way of Julia Carpenter of the Wall Street Journal, we hear of the author’s own struggle with feeling like an impostor. Carpenter admits that she is constantly anxious about her finances and that this is actually a very common phenomenon for millennials in particular.

Given that millennials are the generation that has already lived through one recession, and are now dealing with the financial woes of Covid, that is understandable.

Financial coach Maggie Germano attests to how it affects her clients, saying, “They always feel things will fall apart financially.” She adds “I have clients who make really good money but then still worry about losing everything.”

As far as combatting impostor syndrome, Carpenter recommends seeking out a mentor and inquiring about their career journey. Even having an open conversation on the topic with friends could be beneficial.

If you do, you will likely hear similar stories of how most people have felt like they don’t know what they are doing, doubting if they are making the right decision, and worrying about their career future.

Despite the outward appearance that everyone else is confident in their every step, the truth is many are uncertain about their choices.

According to the Journal of General Internal Medicine, 82% of people have felt like an impostor at some point in their careers. Like so many sources of anxiety, finding someone supportive to listen and speak with you about it is often the reality check you need to put things back in perspective.

To learn more about impostor syndrome and how to overcome it, read the Wall Street Journal’s article by clicking here.


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