In a Region Awash in Craft Breweries, Downingtown’s Victory Floats to the Top

Victory Brewing Company, Downingtown, Kennett Square, Parkesburg
Image via Uncovering PA.

Craft brewery openings in the Philadelphia region are becoming commonplace; however, Downingtown-based Victory Brewing Company has cemented its place among the best. Its enviable position results from diligent work creating classic beers and inventive seasonal offerings, writes Jim Cheney for Uncovering PA.

Victory Brewing was started 25 years ago in an old Pepperidge Farm bakery. Since then, it has become one of the largest craft breweries in the country. Its growth stems from a merger with New York’s Southern Tier Brewing Company and the opening of several new locations.

The craft brewery has three taprooms in Chester County: Downingtown, Kennett Square, and Parkesburg. Each offers a variety of beers from Victory, all of them excellent.

Despite being relatively close to each other, all three locations have slightly different food and beer selections atop a core of standards. This gives patrons an incentive to visit each taproom to sample each location’s exclusive beer and food.

Victory is best known for its IPAs and sour beers; however, its overall skill in creating distinct brews ensures a steady flow of something everyone can enjoy.

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