Check Out How Chester County’s Population Changed in the Last 10 Years

Image via the Chester County Planning Commission.

According to new data, Chester County is one of the few counties in Pennsylvania that has seen its population increase over the last decade. Jonathan Tamari and Jonathan Lai covered the 2020 Census for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

While Pennsylvania added around 300,000 people from 2010 to 2020, the majority of those gains were in southeastern Pennsylvania, in urban and suburban areas. Meanwhile, huge chunks of the rest of the state, particularly rural, whiter areas, recorded a decrease in population.

In Chester County, the population grew from 498,886 people in 2010 to 534,413 people in 2020. This is a difference of 35,527 people or 7.12 percent.

And while it is still predominantly white, Chester County is getting more diverse. In the last decade, the non-Hispanic white population decreased by 4,085 people. The Black population also decreased slightly, by 997 people.

Meanwhile, the Asian and Pacific Islander population increased by 15,929 people, followed by the multiracial population at 11,995 people, while the Hispanic population grew by 11,039 people. American Indians, along with other races that were not included in previous categories, added another 1,646 people.

Read more about the changes in population in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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