Penn State Great Valley’s NoonTimeU Series Returns with Pair of Webinars in Late July

Image via Penn State Great Valley.

Taking breaks is important. Step away from your daily routine, spend some time with Penn State Great Valley’s free educational events, and learn something new from experts.

The NoonTimeU webinar series covers an array of topics to help with your personal and professional development.

The Future of Work: A Model for a Post-Pandemic Workplace
Tuesday, July 27 | 11 AM-12 PM

With the COVID-19 vaccine widely available in the United States, employers are now wrestling to determine both when and how to bring their employees back to the physical workspace. Considering some workplace dynamics have changed temporarily and others have changed forever, join Penn State Great Valley for a conversation to learn:

  • How to bring a more human methodology to the workplace.
  • What businesses should consider, especially since there isn’t a one-size-fits-all workplace model.
  • How to balance disruptions and build resiliency to prepare for the next interruption to business.


DEI — Moving Past the Buzzword to Implementation
Wednesday, July 28 | 11 AM-12 PM

DEI — Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion — is a “buzz term” that has taken the nation by storm in light of the social justice reckoning of 2020. In response, many organizations and businesses have sought to create or amplify their DEI practices. But is it that simple? And is there more of a reason to lean into diversity than social justice? Join Penn State Great Valley for a start of a conversation to:

  • Discuss how successful implementation of DEI practices increases profitability and innovation.
  • Learn how DEI is more than just race and gender, but also a strategy for organizational effectiveness.
  • Develop recommendations for how to start the DEI conversation.