Chester County History Center Unveils Accessible Membership Program to Increase Community Engagement

Images via Chester County History Center.

The Chester County History Center, in conjunction with PECO, is creating an accessible membership level for individuals who have ACCESS/EBT Cards or receive government assistance.

“This program is designed to break down barriers that exclude individuals from the educational opportunities that are normally only available through paid memberships,” said Conor Hepp, President of CCHC. “This program will provide underserved members of our community the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a full membership to CCHC, with additional free access to other arts and cultural organizations in the surrounding area.”

This one-of-a-kind program is designed to provide access to the exhibitions and is also a forward-thinking move by CCHC to engage the whole community.

The mission of the Chester County History Center is to inspire, inform, and build community identity by preserving and sharing the remarkable story of Chester County and its people.

“PECO has been a proud sponsor of the Chester County History Center for over 20 years,” said Romona Riscoe Benson, PECO’s Director of Corporate and Community Relations. “We see tremendous value in the PECO Family Membership Program as a means for underserved communities to learn about the county’s history. PECO advocates for equal access to arts and culture in our service territory and admires this organization’s drive to increase opportunities for diversity, equity, and inclusion for all Chester County residents.”

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