Acquisitions Make Exton’s Now-Public Bentley Systems Present at Every Step of Infrastructure Development

bentley systems
Image via Bentley Systems.

Bentley Systems, the infrastructure software giant based in Exton, is using acquisition as a strategy to ensure cross-industry integration. Kennedy Rose covered the tactic for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

The company went public last year with a $235 million initial public offering. The move that made it possible to buy the geological modeling software company Seequent for $1.05 billion. Since then, Bentley Systems has sought even more acquisition opportunities, including the recently acquired, Ohio-based SPIDA.

Bentley Systems’ software already tackles a range of infrastructure projects, including bridge construction and pipeline analysis. But its leadership seeks expansion of its core functionalities. This goal led it to acquire dozens of small tech companies. The goal remains the same: to be present at every step of infrastructure development and maintenance.

“We think of ourselves as ‘the infrastructure engineering software company.’ And what distinguishes us, and the reason we think we can think of ourselves that way is the comprehensiveness of what we do,” said CEO Greg Bentley. “So we have software for every discipline and every sector of infrastructure, and for a full life cycle of infrastructure.”

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