SEPTA Official on Restoring Rail Service to West Chester: ‘This Is Not a Cheap Date’

SETPA West Chester Elwin Line
Image via the Daily Local News.

Despite massive support from West Chester residents to re-establish rail service between the borough and Philadelphia, SEPTA currently has no plans to bring commuter trains back along the existing Elwyn Line right-of-way, writes Bill Rettew for the Daily Local News.

SEPTA deputy general manager Robert L. Lund Jr. addressed around 40 residents earlier this week during a special in-person borough council meeting. He explained that SEPTA’s projections for the next 12 years do not include the re-establishment of rail service to West Chester.

“It’s not our top priority,” said Lund.

One issue is the price tag associated with the project. Projected renovation costs range from $500-600 million, double the estimate recently calculated by restoration advocates.

“Everything comes with a price tag,” said Francis Kelly, SEPTA assistant general manager of public and government affairs. “This is not a cheap date.”

Lund, however, did encourage rail supporters to continue their efforts.

“We are getting the facts out there, so we can all make decisions with information,” Lund said. “There is a planning phase and an evaluation phase. It doesn’t happen right away; it takes time. Push SEPTA to keep putting it on the agenda.”

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