Adoptions Show Phoenixville Family How Joyous Diversity Can Be

Interracial adoption Phoenixville
Image via the McMonagle family.
Chris and Susannah McMonagle with kids (from left) Molly, Kyler, and Callan.

Phoenixville residents Susannah and Chris McMonagle knew they wanted at least three children from the moment they started dating, writes Anndee Hochman for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

They were married for a year when their daughter, Molly Rose, was born. The pair was overjoyed to welcome the addition to their family.

They decided to expand their little family. But after a year of trying on their own and 15 months with a fertility clinic, they began to reconsider.

“Through a lot of prayer and conversation, we decided to do adoption,” said Susannah.

In June 2018, they brought their first son, Callan James, home. The family was growing, but it was still not complete.

When Callan was nearly two years old, the couple decided it was time to adopt again. At first, this came with heartbreak when the mother changed her mind after delivery. But soon, she decided to let the McMonagles adopt her baby after all. And with Kyler Caidence, the family finally felt complete.

The couple is also grateful for the benefits of being a multiracial family. These include a more expansive view of people and their differences and connections.

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