Acting? Modeling? Been There, Done That for Chesterbrook 12-Year-Old Now Building a Bike-Repair Business

Dom Pecora Dom Fixes Bikes DFB
Images via SAVVY Main Line.
Dom Pecora, 12, of Dom Fixes Bikes.

Chesterbrook resident Dom Pecora, has already racked up quite a list of accomplishments, writes Caroline O’Halloran for SAVVY Main Line.

The sixth-grader at Valley Forge Middle School had been pursuing modeling and acting gigs that landed him on national television.

But at the ripe old age of 12, he has decided on a career shift. Following other stars’ transitions from the screen to the world of entrepreneurship, Pecora opened Dom Fixes Bikes (DFB), a bike shop in Paoli. There’s already a brand spin-off: Dom’s self-designed clothing.

Luckily, Dom has the full support of his mother and manager, Karen Nudy Pecora.

“She is the brain, and I am the body,” said Dom. “She gets me the customers, and I do the work. We’re a good team.”

The tween started fixing bikes in the early days of the pandemic. His center of operations was his mom’s Chesterbrook townhouse on a pay-what-you-wish basis.

It didn’t take long to overwhelm the site with bikes needing work, especially in a home without a garage. Mom says bikes were “everywhere except the bathtub.”

The business expanded to a leased garage near the Paoli Wawa.

In just a year, he has fixed around 200 bikes and earned more than $6,000. One day, he hopes to open a DFB storefront and then franchise the brand “to families that have a kid like me who wants to own a business.”

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