New Garden Township to Acquire Picturesque Golf Club Property to Ensure Its Preservation

Dan Weckerly
Loch Nairn Golf Club Avondale
Image via Loch Nairn Golf Club.

The picturesque, 105-acre parcel that is home to Avondale’s Loch Nairn Golf Club is about to get a new owner, writes Richard Gaw for the Chester County Press.

The New Garden Board of Supervisors authorized the township to purchase the property located on its northwest corner. The Smedley family is the current owner.

Under the agreement, golfing operations at the 18-hole golf course will proceed through 2022. After that, the township will own and maintain the course. The goal is to preserve it as open space.

The agreement also stipulates that after the sale is completed, Loch Nairn will still own/operate the onsite restaurants. These include The Greathouse, The Farmhouse, and The Tavern.

“Because the Smedley family cares so deeply for this community and the memories that this site holds to its residents, they have entrusted New Garden Township with their prized property to be preserved as a park and open space to be shared by all for decades to come,” the township and Smedley family said in an official statement.

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