Career Corner: How to Reenter the Job Market as States Loosen Restrictions

Meeting in a Conference Room

By Chris Isaac

As the number of vaccinated people in America continues to rise, more states are loosening their restrictions and allowing more people to patronize businesses.

For places that were struggling to operate, like restaurants, this is great news and they are putting out calls for positions that need to be filled. However, for job seekers, many are unsure how to dip their toes back into the job search after lengthy bouts of unemployment.

Per Charlotte Cowles of the New York Times, around 9.7 million people in America are unemployed. And with many companies beginning to hire again, those people are now struggling to adjust to a hiring process that has advanced since the pre-COVID days.

Even positions that may be in-person are now doing virtual interviews. For candidates used to sit down meetings to discuss a job, that can be jarring and leave them unprepared. One new skill to examine is considering how you come across over video and determining if your virtual communication needs work.

Another new reality is employers aren’t restricting their open positions to just Indeed or LinkedIn anymore.

While those two sites are certainly valuable, some employers are now even taking to Facebook and Instagram to share openings. Modern candidates need to be aware that they might have to broaden beyond their typical search tools.

And in regard to how to broach the awkward subject of why you have such a lengthy gap in your employment, Cowles says to just be honest. Everyone is aware of the reality of how hard the last year has been.

Rather than try to conceal that difficulty, be upfront and explain what efforts you’ve made in the meantime. Perhaps you’ve been busy learning new skills, like through one of Wilmington University’s many online certificate programs for undergraduates and graduates.

Jobs are opening up again, but candidates just have to be aware of the changes that have occurred since their last position.

If you’re looking for more career and advice on getting back into the job hunt process, be sure to read the New York Times’ article.


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