Kennett Square Artist Uses Mixed Media to Explore Femininity and Its Place in Human Experience

Dan Weckerly
Katee Boyle, Scarlett Thicket Farm, Kennett Square
Image via Facebook.
Katee Boyle.

Katee Boyle, the artist-in-residence at Kennett Square’s Scarlett Thicket Farm, uses a variety of mixed media to create beautiful conceptual art. Her focus is subjects that are important to her, writes Melissa Jacobs for Main Line Today.

“As a visual storyteller, my work deals with what I know intimately — femininity and its place in the human experience,” said Boyle. “My work speaks about desires and expectations, growth, failures, and guilt.”

Boyle is a sculptor, painter, seamstress, and blacksmith. Her go-to medium is a graphite pencil; however, over the past several years, she’s been getting hands-on with sculpture.

“I frequently say that my work leads me,” she said. “I have learned that when I don’t commit myself to materials, my work is free and at its best.”

Scarlett Thicket Farm proved to be the perfect “fairy-tale environment” to serve as a backdrop for Boyle’s detailed narratives.

“I’ve always referred to my sculptures as artifacts,” she said. “Perhaps Scarlett breathes its own history into my work.”

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