Historic Cemetery in Wayne Seems to Have No Owner. Here’s Why That’s a Problem


historic cemetery in Wayne
Image via Richard Ilgenfritz, MediaNews Group.

There are a dozen veterans buried at a small, historic cemetery in Wayne, writes Richard  Ilgenfritz for Main Line Media News.

Some on the half-acre First Baptist Cemetery date back to the Civil War.

For the past few years, Radnor Township has taken care of the property at West Wayne Avenue off Conestoga Road.

But no one seems to know who owns it.

Volunteers from local organizations want to clean up the historic cemetery, but without knowing who owns it, there could be problems.

By claiming ownership, the township would be protected from liability.

Radnor Commissioner Jake Abel talked about the cemetery at a recent board meeting.

“We have a responsibility as Radnor residents to better understand our history, especially when it comes to the men and women who served our country and fought for freedom,” Abel said.

A few years back, the property was declared “an orphaned cemetery.” Radnor could “adopt” it following a signed petition from a group of residents and a hearing in county court.

According to LocalCemeteries.net, the church that supported the cemetery is “long gone,” and the perpetual care fund has dried up.

Read more about the historic cemetery at Main Line Media News.

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