West Chester-Based Swimming Pool Contractor Treads Water to Keep up with Deep Demands

Dan Weckerly
Anthony & Sylvan Pools Doylestown
Image via Jose Moreno, Philadelphia Inquirer.
Tom Casey.

As it did last summer, the coronavirus outbreak is canceling vacation plans countywide. Isolated Chester Countians, therefore, continue investing in at-home leisure upgrades like in-ground pools. Demand remains high, leading to a gush of sales and plenty of backorders to dive into, reports Katie Park for The Philadelphia Inquirer

The timing of this rise in the pool construction business, however, isn’t the best. 

Supplies are short nationwide, affected by spikes in weather-related pool repairs across the U.S. And the scarcity of materials lengthens pool contractors’ waitlists. 

Anthony & Sylvan Pools in West Chester reports a backlog of “… hundreds waiting at any given time,” according to Tom Casey, Vice President of Sales. 

Construction among Anthony & Sylvan Pools customers can become elaborate. Gone are the rubber-lined, aluminum-skinned circular pools stuffed with sunburnt baby boomers. Customers now upgrade their in-ground oases with architecture like pergolas and outdoor kitchens. 

Such projects, Casey said, can run up to a half-million dollars. 

“COVID restrictions have thrust a bunch of people into that space where they weren’t there before,” he said. “People still don’t feel quite confident in taking some of those vacations and are still inquiring in great numbers about backyard swimming pools.” 

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