U.S. Rep. Chrissy Houlahan Visits Kennett Square to Warn How Lanternflies Threaten Your Evening Glass of Wine

Dan Weckerly

During her visit to Braeloch Brewing in Kennett Square, U.S. Rep. Chrissy Houlahan highlighted the threat the spotted lanternfly poses to the beer and wine industries, according to a staff report from 6ABC.

The spotted lanternfly likes hops, which are a key ingredient in beer. They also like munching on grapes, and the destruction they usually leave in their wake could have a huge impact on the wine industry.

“When spotted lanternflies are feeding on grapevines, we are seeing a reduction in yield, we are seeing a reduction in fruit quality, and in some cases, we are seeing complete vine death,” said Heather Leach, an entomologist at Penn State.

In fact, many grape growers have already indicated that the invasive pest is causing them to reconsider their future in the industry.

So, to try to minimize the impact the Asia-native insect has had on the region, Houlahan is leading a bipartisan effort to find ways to eradicate the pest.

Residents are reminded they can help in these efforts by squishing both spotted lanternflies and their eggs to prevent them from spreading further.

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