Project to Restore Rail Service to West Chester ‘Already on Track’ and May Soon Be ‘Full Steam Ahead’

Kimberly McGuane
Image via the Committee to Re-Establish Rail Service to West Chester.

The proposed rail service to West Chester would be beneficial to the community in multiple ways, including solving the long-standing issue of clogged streets and parking garage occupancy, writes Jordan Norley, West Chester’s new mayor, for the Daily Local News.

It would also allow for future sustainable growth while providing a compelling solution to the growing dangers of climate change.

Furthermore, rail service would provide well-paying jobs and further transportation equity, and it will create an environmentally friendly traveling option.

The borough began working to bring rail service back to West Chester in 2014 when the Committee to Re-Establish Rail Service to West Chester was formed. The studies conducted by the Committee came back with glowing results that were later confirmed in a SEPTA study.

Last week, the Committee met with the Chester County Commissioners, state legislators, and SEPTA officials to explore options to move forward with the proposal and ask for the public’s support in achieving this goal.

“This project is already on track, and with your support and energy, we’ll be full steam ahead,” said Norley.

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