Historic D-K Diner in West Chester Pushes Through Pandemic, Hopes Better Days Are Ahead

Dan Weckerly

The historic D-K Diner in West Chester and its staff have been struggling throughout the pandemic, like so many others in the restaurant industry, but now they are hoping better days are ahead, writes Beccah Hendrickson for 6ABC.

The stainless-steel diner on Gay Street has been part of the borough’s fabric since 1952, said owner Vince Mackay.

“The trolley ran right here, and this was the place to hit before you headed uptown,” he said.

The diner has been around for so long that all the patrons and staff know each other by now.

“Yeah, they’re like family,” said Jill Mattia, who has been working at the diner on and off since high school.

She also serves as the treasurer, which helped her avoid unemployment throughout two shutdowns.

“Bills still needed to be paid, despite no money coming in,” she said.

The diner employed 25 people before the pandemic, but is now down to 12.

Still, there has been some progress with indoor dining being partially reopened, and the owner and staff are hoping people will feel more comfortable returning to the diner.

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