New York Times: After Losing Coronavirus Race, Merck to Help Competitors Supply World with Vaccines

Ken Knickerbocker
Image via Pexels.

After failing to develop a COVID-19 vaccine despite being considered a frontrunner in the race, Merck, which has a significant presence in Montgomery County, is now looking for ways to help its competitors prepare their shots for worldwide distribution, writes Katie Thomas for The New York Times.

“We are in regular conversation with governments, we’re in regular conversations with the public health authorities, with the foremost experts on all this,” said Merck CMO Michael T. Nally.

As a major vaccine maker, Merck has several factories specializing in various vaccine technologies. It also has plants that can fill the bulk product into ready-to-ship vials.

The company is currently considering a range of options, within the country and abroad. Given the complexity of the manufacturing process, Merck is also considering the time it will take for any of its efforts to come to fruition.

This means the company could shore up supply for the United States for later in the year or work on produce the booster shots needed to combat emerging variants. Merck could also help boost the supply of other countries that do not have enough to immunize their populations.

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