Despite Crippling Red Tape, Local Pharmacy Became One of the State’s First Independent Pharmacies to Provide COVID-19 Vaccines

Image via Heather Khalifa, Philadelphia Inquirer.

Despite the crippling red tape, Eric’s RX Shoppe in Horsham was among the first independent pharmacies in Pennsylvania to start providing the COVID-19 vaccine to healthcare workers, writes Marie McCullough for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Providing the shots came with a slew of challenges. In addition to the red tape, there were logistical challenges and vagaries of reimbursement.

Still, none of this discouraged co-owners Eric Abramowitz and Marc Ost from doing the right thing to support the community.

The operation was running smoothly until a week in when more people were added to the high priority group. The pharmacy was suddenly swamped with thousands of calls and e-mails.

“We got a lot of calls saying: ‘I’ve been a loyal customer. You owe me a vaccine,’” Abramowitz said. “But there’s not enough vaccine, not enough vaccinators, and not enough time.”

Abramowitz is working seven days a week, and he and Ost have had to hire more people to help with the huge demand.

But in the end, patients’ “tears of happiness” and grateful e-mails make it all worthwhile, said Abramowitz.

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