Chester County Hospital’s Virtual Wellness Presentations Support Your Health Goals

Image via Chester County Hospital.

March is a month filled with health-awareness recognitions, and Chester County Hospital’s Virtual Wellness Presentations are here to support you through each of them.

First, we recognize National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month with colorectal surgeon Anna Spivak. Dr. Spivak will share the ins and outs of colon health and what you can do to keep yourself protected.

National Nutrition Month is also observed in March and Jessica Wilson will share tools to help you “personalize your plate,” followed by a special offering for Spanish-speaking community members led by Thomas Santamaria and Carla Graves.

Finally, the month is rounded out with the weeklong observance of National Sleep Awareness Week. Join Gaurav Patel to learn about Better Sleep for Better Health.

Cancer Care

  • Tomorrow Can’t Wait on March 3 from 6-7 PM: 45 is the new 50 when it comes to colon health. The American Society of Colon and Rectal surgery now recommends starting cancer screening at age 45. It is estimated that 147,950 people will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer and 53,200 could die from this disease this year. Join this informational session, presented by a colorectal surgeon, to learn the ins and outs of colon health and what you can do to keep yourself protected. Early detection of colon cancer is key because tomorrow can’t wait.
  • Cancer Support Groups: The Abramson Cancer Center at Chester County Hospital offers online support groups to help patients deal with the often-overwhelming emotional effects of cancer. Support groups include: Living with Breast Cancer, Caregiver Support, Gynecology Oncology Support, and Survivorship Next Step Series.


  • Personalize Your Plate on March 23 from 6-7 PM: Because we are all unique with different bodies, goals, and tastes, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition and health! During this program, a registered dietitian will give you tools to “personalize your plate” by helping you understand some of the latest nutrition trends and on-line resources so you can follow a healthful eating plan that is as unique as you are.
  • Poniendo en práctica la nutrición con base de plantas. 31 de marzo del 2021 de las 6 hasta las 7 PM: Hay una enorme cantidad de evidencia científica sobre como el consumo de una dieta de alimentos integrales con base de plantas puede mejorar la salud. Ven y descubra los beneficios de la alimentación con base de plantas y aprenda de una manera razonable cómo hacer que este método de alimentación sea fácil y práctico.

Lifestyle Medicine

  • Better Sleep for Better Health on March 11 from 6-7 PM: We might all love to sleep, but many of us don’t seem to get enough quality sleep. This presentation will discuss why healthy sleep is important, what the barriers to healthy sleep are, the physical effects of not getting enough sleep and how we can get better sleep.
  • Steady As You Go – What You Can Do To Decrease Your Risk For Falls on March 17 from 11 AM-12:30 PM: Falls remain the leading cause of injury for older Americans and often threaten seniors’ safety and independence. Prevention remains the best way to avoid the injuries and other problems often related to falls. Learn from a Physical Therapist and other injury prevention experts about the practical steps you can take with exercising, managing your medications, and lifestyle adjustments to decrease your risk for a fall and maintain your independence.
  • Parenting on Your Feet on March 30 from 7-8:30 PM: What are the challenges you are facing as Chester County parents, caregivers, and educators? Our panelists will address the potency of today’s cannabis, other substances, impaired driving, and more, with a special focus on teens and emerging adults. We’ll also provide a tour of our Mock Teen Bedroom, which helps adults to identify signs of substance use, and trends that put kids at risk, such as cannabis, vaping, and alcohol. Together, we’ll develop the tools we need to support Chester County youth!

Weight Management

  • Struggles and Solutions on March 8 from 5:15-6:15 PM: A registered dietitian will lead a discussion on an interesting, timely, and immediately useful topic about food, activity, and wellness. Program provides ideas and encouragement for anyone on a journey to lose weight or begin to live a healthier lifestyle.
  • The Truth About Weight Loss on March 15 from 6-7 PM: Almost everyone wants to lose weight, but not many are successful.  This program explains why weight loss is challenging and will also provide you with the real-life solutions you need to find your “weigh” down.
  • Your Weigh Down from March 30 to April 27 at 6:15-7:30 PM: Come get connected with dynamic group coaching to learn your “weigh” to healthy weight loss. Make real progress happen while attending 5 group coaching sessions packed with education and hands-on skill-building. Here we put the pieces together to stop weight gain and re-set behaviors for meaningful food, fitness, and health improvements. This is a Five-Week Program. Classes meet once a week on Wednesdays.


  • Bones and Joints – Knee on March 24 from 6-7:30 PM: Join our board-certified orthopaedic surgeon to learn about the latest surgical and non-surgical treatments for pain. These include medications, injections, small incision joint replacement, and other state-of-the-art advancements. A physical rehabilitation specialist will also be on hand to offer suggestions for how to stay strong to alleviate pain.

Diabetes Prevention and Management

  • Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program (MDPP) on Tuesdays starting March 2 from 10:45 AM-12 PM: The Diabetes Prevention Program is a proven health behavior change program to help you prevent type 2 diabetes. Medicare is now reimbursing for the National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP) and Chester County Hospital is an approved Medicare provider for these services. The NDPP is a year-long program designed to help patients make sustainable lifestyle changes to prevent or delay Type 2 diabetes. Eligible participants will either have a diagnosis of prediabetes or be at risk for prediabetes.
  • Reversing Pre-diabetes on March 9 from 6-7:30 PM: More than 88 million Americans have pre-diabetes. This program teaches you how to change your lifestyle and reduce your risk for developing type 2 diabetes.
  • Living with Type 2 Diabetes on March 11 from 6-7 PM: Don’t let what you don’t know about diabetes keep you from feeling your best. Whether you are newly diagnosed, or have had diabetes for some time, this program will get you up to date with the tools and resources you need to live well with Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Diabetes Support Group on March 23 from 1-2 PM: This monthly support group is for individuals living with the day-to-day challenges of diabetes. You and your family members can join us for ongoing support, share your experience with others, and receive updates in diabetes management. Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month.

Senior Health

  • 10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s on March 25 from 6-7 PM: Alzheimer’s and other dementias cause memory, thinking, and behavior problems that interfere with daily living. Join us to learn how to recognize common signs of the disease; how to approach someone about memory concerns; the importance of early detection and benefits of a diagnosis; possible tests and assessments for the diagnostic process; and Alzheimer’s Association resources. 

Heart Health

  • Hands-Only CPR on March 18 from 12-1:15 PM: By learning Hands-Only CPR (CPR without mouth breathing), you can increase confidence and reduce hesitation in life-saving situations. This training also includes education on early heart attack signs and symptoms.
  • Heart & Vascular Support Groups: Chester County Hospital offers a variety of cardiovascular support groups, including Living with Heart Failure, Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD), and a general Cardiac support group that is open to all cardiac patients and their families.

Keeping You Well

  • Colonoscopies Don’t Actually Hurt: Colorectal Cancer Screening Myths Debunked: Colorectal cancer screening can find cancer in its earliest stages when it’s easiest to treat. However, there are many myths that keep people from getting screened. Here’s the truth behind some of the common myths.
  • Super Foods to Save Your Day: Superfoods such as nutrient-dense foods – like blueberries, yogurt, and dark chocolate – provide large amounts of antioxidants and health properties in one serving.
  • Getting Enough Sleep Is Easier Than You Think — Here’s How to Improve Your Sleep at Night: Sleep is critical to your health, but many adults let it fall by the wayside. Here’s how to improve your sleep quality and duration each night.

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