Patron’s Kind Gesture Surprises Server at Kildare’s Irish Pub


After the two talked about the challenges surrounding the pandemic, a server at Kildare’s Irish Pub in West Chester was shocked to see that a patron had left a whopping $966 tip, according to a report from CBS Philly.

According to server Phillip Scanlon, the man was not known to be a regular at the pub. After their chat, the man asked to pay his $33 tab. He then rounded it up to $1,000, adding a note for the server to “Share with your colleagues.”

“I’m speechless for what this man did,” said Scanlon. “He left an outrageous tip, and it wasn’t just for me, but it was for everybody. And with the darkness that’s been going on, it’s nice to have some kind of a light.”

Scanlon said he does not know if the man will be back to the pub, but if he waits on him again, he would use the opportunity to thank him personally and pick up his tab.

Read more about the act of kindness at CBS Philly here.

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