New Book Tells Story of Idyllic Hillside Farm in Berwyn, Family Who Lives There

Kimberly McGuane
Image via Megan Tidmore.

A new book chronicles the rebirth of idyllic Hillside Farm in Berwyn and transitions into a celebration of the traditions and family recipes of its inhabitants, writes Caroline O’Halloran for SAVVY Main Line.

Hungry for Home was written by Ruth McKeaney, a former Assistant Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Virginia who decided to quit practicing law to stay home with her five children.

When the author and her husband, Bob, first saw the farm, it was in a shambles. Instead of dismissing it as a money pit, though, the couple saw potential.

It took them a full year to make the main house inhabitable and several more to clear all the rubbish from the grounds and fix the outbuildings.

Today, the farm is an oasis of old-fashioned charm, with a constant buzz from its merry band of residents.

The home, gardens, food, and gatherings were photographed for the book by Wayne’s Megan Tidmore.

“It was one of the most amazing projects I’ve been involved in,” Tidmore said. “This house is so organically this family.”

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