2021 VISTA Millennial Superstars: Joshua Willey


Joshua Willey, who was born in Mount Holly, N.J., and grew up in Burlington County, is Senior Vice President of West Chester-based Green Lawn Fertilizing/Green Pest Solutions.

Willey, who began working maintenance at a hardware store and industrial complex in Moorestown, N.J., when he was 13 years old, studied Executive Education at Stanford University. He found it difficult to select just one out of the many people who’ve invested in him with having the biggest impact on his career, but ultimately credits Mike Gooch, a former colleague.

“I only worked directly with Mike for a few years, but it came at an early and important point in my career,” said Willey. “I was in my mid-20s, and things were coming relatively easily for me as I advanced in the company I was with. Mike pushed me harder than I’d ever been pushed and challenged me on what I was capable of versus what I was comfortable with. Business growth and financial success was the easy part for Mike and was almost assumed in his leadership style. Developing and teaching those who were willing to put the work in was what defined him. He brought an entrepreneurial approach to a corporate environment and changed the way I defined success.”

Willey’s proudest professional accomplishment was moving into an executive-level role at a publicly traded company after starting in the industry as a seasonal, hourly team member.

“I had the opportunity to work in virtually every role in the industry,” he said. “This experience was key when I joined Green Lawn Fertilizing/Green Pest Solutions and partnered with a great existing team to help scale both the business and our incredible internal culture.”

Willey’s favorite Chester County restaurant is The Office Bar and Grille in Malvern.