New Owner of Historic Middleton House in Landenberg ‘Brings Her Back to Life’

Kimberly McGuane
The historic Middleton House in Landenberg before and after its restoration.

The historic Middleton House in Landenberg has gotten a new lease on life by finding a new owner before an 18-month window of time provided by the May 2019 agreement between New Garden Township and Wilkinson Homes expired, writes Richard Gaw for the Chester County Press.

The home that was built in 1783 was slated for demolition to make way for an extra plot in a new development.

Luckily, a new owner, Matthew Studner, was found in time. Studner and his wife Wendy own and operate Second Chance Restoration in West Grove.

After seeing the rundown but full-of-potential home, Studner decided he wanted to “bring her back to life.”

“I immediately knew that this house has more stories to tell,” Studner said.

The extensive renovation included stripping, priming, and repainting every wall in the home, replacing structural beams beneath the kitchen, and resizing some of the rooms to better fit the needs of a modern family.

The home, located at 503 Newark Road, is currently on the market for resale.

Read more about the Middleton House in the Chester County Press here.

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